Track Review: Tommie Sunshine & The Disco Fries Remix Scissor Sisters – Shady Love

Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries

Tommie Sunshine (left) and the Disco Fries’ Nick Piklz (center) and Danny Danger (right) are no strangers to collaborating with one another. The trio’s first single, “Don’t Look Back”, was quickly signed by Vicious Recordings and was premiered on the 2012 Ministy of Sound Annual in Australia. Now Tommie Sunshine and the Disco Fries have teamed up again for two remixes of the nu-disco/electro-clash band, the Scissor Sisters. First off, the Scissor Sisters liked Tommie Sunshine and the Disco Fries’ remix of “Shady Love” so much that they included it as an iTunes bonus track on their album “Magic Hour.” That’s how you know it’s got to be good. The chopped up vocals in the beginning get your head bobbing right away. It builds into a soulful drop that’ll have the chorus stuck in your head for days. This builds again into an almost sing-a-long vocal section with the one and only Azealia Banks.

Overall a great production, look out for the track on the Scissor Sisters’ album released by Polydor Records. Tommie Sunshine and the Disco Fries went on to release a special bootleg as a companion to their official remix of “Shady Love.” The track is called the Scissor Sisters vs. Electric Rescue – Comfortably Chicagaux (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg). To quote Tommie, “To launch this right we did a bootleg of Boys Noize Records artist Electric Rescue and Scissor Sisters’ cover of Pink Floyd.” The vocals are as soulfully delivered as in “Shady Love” and Tommie and the Fries’ addition of stabbing synths and a steady bass make this into a groovy banger. Hopefully, Tommie Sunshine and the Disco Fries will collaborate again in the future because their productions together so far have proved that three heads think better than one.  

Article by: Brendan Lukas