Sander van Doorn – Joyenergizer (Spinnin’ Records)

Sander van Doorn Joyenergizer

I remember the first time I heard Sander van Doorn’s Joyenergizer like it was yesterday. I was perched at the Main Stage for Sander van Doorn’s Day 2 set at New York City’s Electric Zoo Festival this past year, with a smile on my face and my camera in hand. About 50 minutes into Sander’s set, after a plethora of electro infused house bangers, the beginning windup of Joyenergizer drops in. The bass line is so heavy, so filthy, it is easy to find yourself dancing to this track involuntarily.

The major moment of this track comes around right at the drop. As soon as you start to hear the wind up, right before the beat drops, a drawn out build comes our way, then boom, ‘Drop it’. The whole track just explodes, leaving you speechless for the duration of the song. No words, just movement. There are a slew of different adjectives I could use to describe this Spinnin’ Records release, all revolving around how hard the electro beat hits you. Although steering away from his trance roots, Sander van Doorn consistently shows us his versatility and talent to take over all genres of EDM. The aptly named single, ‘Joyenergizer’ couldn’t be more perfect. Bring both joy and energy to anyone who hears it, it’s no surprise that with just under a week of it’s release, the single is already at #7 on the Beatport Top 10! Buy your copy today!

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