​Track Review: Sander van Doorn feat. Mayaeni – Nothing Inside

Sander van Doon Nothing Inside

If you are looking for an emotional yet powerful take on an incredible progressive house tune, “Nothing Inside” released this week by Sander van Doorn and out of this world vocalist Mayaeni has every vocal and tempo needed to move you. “Nothing Inside” starts out down tempo with Mayaeni’s voice captivating you with her mildly emotional tone speaking words of love and loss. “I don`t see it in your eyes, Just a cold blank stare. We’ve lost our way….” It is sure to hit home for a few but consider it just a mild undertone until Sander hits us hard with an uplifting progressive medium equipped with a brief electric guitar build until the powerhouse melody is delivered. It is alluring and impossible to ignore, capturing every spectral and temporal lobe available to mind and emotion. I absolutely love when a dynamic progressive track such as “Nothing Inside” can captivate us with its lyrics yet lift you up with the overall symphony.

Nothing Inside” is designed on a binary-level bar, transitioning from Mayaeni’s introduction lyrics into Sander van Doorn’s alluring build. We move again to a mild-ensemble accapella once more around 3:20 to give you a second to breathe and enjoy the incredible voice of Mayaeni that through her words shows listeners hurt yet acceptance of her lost love. It is emotional, moving and powerful on every sense.. Listeners can relate but the great thing about progressive house and trance is that we are never left hanging to hurt or sulk, because we have Sander van Doorn to lift us once more with his piano-infused multi-bar crescendos. This emotional track uses a simple guitar riff to carry the melody supported by multi-level synths and a steady bass line. We hear light tones of piano and violin under the vocals to help build into the euphoric drop. Overall, “Nothing Inside” is no less than any other Sander van Doorn production, phenomenal and captivating with every beat and melody. I suggest you do not hesitate to purchase this track and look for more new releases soon!

Purchase the track now on Beatport, it’s already at #3 on the Top 10! 



Article by:  Ilenia Cangelosi