Event Review: R3hab Invades Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver 12/30/12


It may have been the day before New Years Eve, but that didn’t stop a jam-packed Celebrities Nightclub from going hard. The night began with a melodic set from Vancouver local, DJ Marino who set the tone for the night with Β dance happy synths and crowd pleasing vocals. After buttering up the crowd, Marino passed control of the decks to Ansol, who began edging towards harder beats as we prepared for R3hab to drop his bombastic set on Celebrities’ always feverish party revelers.

Taking over for Ansol, R3hab blasted Celebrities with sheer force of will. Investing more personal energy then any DJ I have ever seen, R3hab truly gave himself to the crowd: he jumped, he fist pumped, he sang, he got up on the decks, and danced like no one was watching. I don’t know how he prepares for a gig, but it must involve eating a lot of carbohydrates. Almost like an athlete, about five minutes into a two hour set, sweat was pouring from his face. That being said,Β  R3hab had every single person in the club worked into a full on frenzy. When a DJ is pushing it that hard, it is impossible not to get caught up in the moment. He literally destroyed Celebrities.

Dada Life style, R3hab lives for the experience and he makes it his mission to get super ugly. He dropped banger after banger, almost in hopes that you’d eventually pass out from dance induced exhaustion. The set was like being relentlessly attacked by a blow up carnival mallet. It didn’t physically hurt, but it was overwhelming and the only sensible retaliation was fist pumping and rage dancing through the madness.

Arming the crowd with I Need R3hab glow sticks and glasses, it was an all encompassing experience reminiscent of the branding at David Guetta’s F**k Me I’m Famous parties. It gave the crowd a visual rallying point and created a sense of inclusion. One of the high points of the night was watching the crowd strain their necks with mouths wide, as they hoped R3hab would pour them a shot of Gray Goose from behind the DJ booth. They seemed as if they were hungry little Vodka-fueled baby birds, overall a rare site. Champagne showers by a DJ who is very clearly in love with Vancouver on the Sunday before NYE, priceless. Celebrities will now be closed for a month as Blueprint Events remodels the famed club. Thank you R3hab for sending the sacred grounds off on a high note.