Free Download: Joe Brunning – Now Let Me See You Work [Twerk] (SANiTY & Deploom Festival Trap Remix)

Sanity Twerk

“Now let me see you twerk, Now let me see you twerk, Now let me see you…” The infectious chant from Joe Brunning’s tribal tech house anthem has gotten a new treatment for the twerk-crazy crowd, but it’s not what you’d expect. New York up-and-comer Sanity and re-envisioned hip-hop/trap producer Deploom have put an interesting festival trap spin on “Now Let Me See You Work.” Instead of the typical bass-laden drop, snare kicks, and incessant “Woots!” Sanity and Deploom have put out a progressive blend of four-on-the-floor and trap.

The track begins with a steady kick and the tribal chugging in the background that is a big aspect of the original. The countdown comes in with a distorted voice and when “1” hits you expect a massive drop like other festival trap anthems, but instead it’s a minimal house synth mixed with pointed drums. Don’t get me wrong it still bumps, especially on the second drop. A “hands in the air” breakdown culminates into the first time you hear “twerk” and an alarming drop. Keeping the tribal chugging and “Now Let Me See You Work” sample prevalent throughout the track are nice touches. Did Sanity and Deploom just invent “progressive trap?” Listen below!