Ferry Corsten – Kudawudashuda (Original Mix)

Ferry Corsten Kudawudashuda

Although I’m still not sure if I can pronounce this track, I am certain that this track is pure gold. Premiered on Ferry Corsten’s New Year’s Special in New York, “Kudawudashuda” creates a very Ben Gold-esque vibe as it carries you through relentless percussion with an electrifying melody pulsing through the beat. So far, the track has been getting pretty positive feedback since its debut. The online community has been titling this as Ferry Corsten’s “return to trance” track and it definitely brings an energy back that I have not seen in Corsten’s work in a while.Β Don’t be left thinking I ‘kudawudashuda’ grabbed this track, it will be out on Flashover Recordings on February 11th! We can’t wait for the release!

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