DJ Discovery: Exclusive Q&A with Walker & Royce at SRB Brooklyn 11/30/12

Walker & Royce

Once again, Verboten threw an extraordinary party featuring Lee Foss (Hot Natured/ Hot Creations), Mathew Jonson (Cobblestone Jazz/ itiswhatitis), Walker & Royce (Nurvous/ Crosstown Rebels), and Mike Palladino (RolePlay). SRB was full of satisfied party goers from start to finish. I was lucky enough to be introduced to both talents behind the name Walker & Royce; Samuel Walker and Gavin Royce. The guys were nice enough to answer some questions I know all EDM Insiders are dying to know. Check out our exclusive Q&A below after their set at SRB Brooklyn on November 30, 2012.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Where is your favorite place to play and why? Is there anywhere you hope to play your music that you haven’t already?

Gavin Royce: London, because I think our music would go over really well there. There’s a lot going on there that we pay attention to, such as the artists that come from there and the clubs.

Sam Walker: We haven’t been touring around or have hit a ton of places yet. I’ve been to Berlin before and I would absolutely love to play there because it’s really our crowd, for so many reasons. New York is of course a great city to play for and we love playing for NYC but it’s tough, the US is a little different when referring to the dance music culture.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Do either of you have any solo productions being worked on at the moment?

Sam Walker: As of right now, no. We did once before though.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How does it feel to be a part of the famous record label, Crosstown Rebels?

Gavin Royce: It’s really amazing especially because it is a label that we have always looked to as inspiration. It was also very unexpected when it happened.

Sam Walker: Yes it was absolutely unexpected for us and it is a really great compliment.

EDM Insider Jennifer: What is it like working on the same label as artists such as Damian Lazarus, Maceo Plex, and Francesca Lombardo?

Gavin Royce: It is a great honor because these are people we respect and we are actually fans of; we play their music. So to be a part of the same league as them on this label is really nice.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How has your music progressed from when both started up to now? What changes have you appreciated most?

Sam Walker: When we first started we were creating much more of an 80’s inspired sound, a little bit like a slower disco inspired sound. A lot of our stuff still has that going on now but recently what we’ve tried to do is inject more of a jackin’ house sound to our music.

Gavin Royce: We are drawing a lot of inspiration from the 90’s, which I think a lot of people are doing right now. We hope we are doing it for the right reason.

Sam Walker: The main thing we are learning is the further we go, the more we just want to only use ourselves as guidance.

EDM Insider Jennifer: What projects does Walker & Royce have planned for us in the upcoming year?

Gavin Royce: A lot of music and hopefully we will be playing in a different variety of cities.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How did you both meet and how did you start playing together?

Gavin Royce: We actually met at a loft party in Brooklyn ten years ago and we were listening to the same kind of music we are making now.

Sam Walker: We started playing together because I think we were the only two crazy enough to just actually go for it.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Which artists would either of you like to work with in the future?

Sam Walker: It’s more like who don’t we want to work with? We want to work with everyone.

Gavin Royce: Yeah that’s a really hard question to ask us because there are a lot of artists we would love to work with, a lot of vocalists, DJ’s, and producers.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Are there any aspects of your music you would want to change?

Gavin Royce: No!

Sam Walker: Yes, make ever more of it better and faster. There is always room for improvement.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Were there any moments either of you regretted during a show?

Gavin Royce: One time we played in front of Damien Lazarus at the Rebel Rave, it was the first time he had actually watched us DJ and it was the one time I had a sketchy mix, that happened to be a little off beat and I turned around and he was standing there in the booth.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How do you feel when you see a dance floor full of people dancing to your music?

Gavin Royce: I can’t even explain that, it’s such a good feeling.

Sam Walker: It’s heaven, it’s what we work for and look forward to.

Jennifer Rammairone and Gavin Royce