Interview: DJ/Producer Matthew LeFace

Matthew LeFace

Up and coming LA based DJ/Producer Matthew LeFace is a new face on the scene with a very new sound. The house meets pop meets electro infused sounds of Matthew LeFace can be heard on the brand new single on Four Peas Recordings, If You Would, a collaboration just released with Carlo Astuti. Released only yesterday, the single is currently holding down the #32 spot on the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House Chart, which is pretty impressive for any emerging talent. Along with If You Would, LeFace has been receiving EDM props from DJs such as Markus Schulz, Axwell,  and has had the pleasure of working with such artists as Max Vangeli, Prok & Fitch and more. With new tracks fully supported on Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records on the way, had to catch up with the talented DJ for an exclusive interview.

EDMinsider 1. When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a DJ/Producer? Did you always want to pursue electronic music?

Matthew LeFace: It was in 2008 when I seen an up and coming DJ at the the time (Deadmau5, which was one of his first shows here in L.A) at one of the big EDM clubs here Los Angeles. That night changed my life! I have never experienced that energy anywhere before. The dance floor was made out these wooden boards and everyone in the place was bouncing to the kick drum and the floor was going up and down like it was an earth quake! Not to mention the incredible sound of the place. That night was really the turning point in my life. I knew right then I wanted to be apart of this. No, I didn’t always want to pursue EDM. I started in middle school making Hip-Hop. Then, after I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 I was making straight radio pop then to House, I guess I was trying to find my “SOUND“, find something that was ME, and electronic music is just that. It’s ME. I love it!

EDMinsider 2. What is your absolute favorite aspect of being a DJ/Producer? If you didn’t choose to pursue music as a career, what profession do you think you would choose? Why?

Matthew LeFace: I think my favorite part of being a DJ/Producer is that I get to be a part of a movement that promotes love and happiness. The whole point of this music is to bring all walks of life together in one space to celebrate LIFE. You don’t see frowns in the crowd, you only see huge smiles. That’s a huge thing for me. I’ve been to hundreds of electronic music events over the last couple years and I have not seen ONE fight, not even close to one. That’s really amazing. There isn’t a better job than to make the music you love and deliver it to people to love it. To be honest I couldn’t live without doing music, but if I HAD to choose something to do other than music, I would probably move to Africa and live with Giraffes. :)

EDMinsider 3. Describe your sound as a DJ/Producer for those who may not be familiar with your work.

Matthew LeFace: Hmmm, tough one! My sound is all over the map. I really just produce what I feel, not so much what’s cool at the moment. I make what I want to make. I have a release coming that’s got some very sweet girl vocals on pop chords and then a release coming in the summer which is a harder electro banger. As long as people connect and dance, that’s all I care about.

EDMinsider 4. Who are some of the biggest influences your music? Why?

 Matthew LeFace: Some of my biggest influences? I would say everyone from Dr Dre, DJ Quik, Prince to Nicky Romero, Deadmau5 and Steve Angello. I really take what every great Artist/DJ/Producer has to offer and appreciate the genius behind it.

EDMinsider 5. You recently collaborated with DJ/Producer DStar on the track entitled “XOMP” which has been receiving some love on the Super Me & You radio show with Laidback Luke. How did the collaboration come about? When will fans be able to purchase the track?

Matthew LeFace: Yeah! “XOMP” is a track I produced with my good friend DJ Dstar, which is actually coming out on Laidback Luke’s label Mixmash later this year. Luke and others have been playing it out and we have been getting some awesome feed back. It’s a straight electro banger for the festivals. That was the goal when we made it. Well it was interesting how it all played out, Dstar and myself grew up in Buffalo, New York. We got connected by a mutual friend years back and developed a friendship. Even though we were in different cities, we always stayed in touch and supported each other releases. We always talked about collaborating on something but we never seemed to be able to be in the same city for more than a day to really get anything started, but then I took some time off and was visiting family and friends in Buffalo and we linked up and just started something. That was really it. The song took us about a month to get it to a point where we were happy with it. We sent it to Laidback Luke and he flipped out over it! We are working the release date out but will be out before festival season.
 EDMinsider 6. What do you think has been the biggest breakout song in EDM over the past year? What are your thoughts on the world of electronic dance music moving more into the mainstream music industry over the past year or so?

I think the biggest breakout song for EDM was most likely Afrojack’s Take Over Control. I think that was the first dutch house to really hit radio rotation here in the U.S. other songs like Martin Solvieg with Hello was another mile stone for EDM infiltrating U.S radio, and of course The Swedish House Mafia with One then Save The World. I think electronic music moving into mainstream is incredible!! EDM has been bubbling and building for years and it deserves it. Dance music has been widely accepted basically everywhere other than the U.S. Here it was looked at as “underground” or just classified as “Techno” (haha) but now every time you turn on the radio all you hear is dance music. I love it! My personal theory is that EDM is saving the music industry!


EDMinsider 7. What plans for new tracks or gigs are in store for you throughout the course of this year?

Matthew LeFace: 2012 is looking to be an awesome year! I have a single out now called “If You Would” with Carlo Astuti which we have been getting a ton of great support from Sirius XM radio and DJ’s worldwide. We have a sick remix package coming soon, as well as signing the three song deal with Laidback Luke’s Label – Mixmash and will be putting out the first single ‘Xomp” late spring/early summer and the second one by the end of summer. I have a few tracks that are currently being finished that I produced with a couple different DJ’s in the UK as well as some solo stuff with some U.S pop artists. Gig wise, just continuing in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami and setting up some exciting things in Europe for the summer!

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