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We have to say we can’t help but be intrigued by progressive DJ/Producer Myndset. Besides the fact that we cannot stop listening to his remix of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know, the LA based Myndset has quite the original sound, and look! With the highly anticipated San Francisco gig this Sunday at Ruby Skye, we figured we would give fans a glimpse into their new favorite DJ. The up and coming West Coast native helps us unravel the mystery of Myndset in an exclusive interview with EDMinsider.com.


EDMinsider 1. How did the name “Myndset” originate?

Myndset: I carefully deliberated with a several names for over 3 months. When I came up with this alien persona, I kept telling myself that being this character was going to involve me getting into a certain mind set to play this role. The name seemed fitting on so many levels because I was also literally setting this mind on top of my head. When I chose to go with that name I decided to spell it with M-y-n-d-s-e-t because the “My” made it personal to me and also it was something that allowed me to be easily identifiable as opposed to getting mixed in with other searches being spelled m-i-n-d-s-e-t.


EDMinsider 2. To those who may not be familiar with Myndset, how would you describe your sound? When did you decide to make the transition from DJ to Producer? Why?

Myndset: My sound is a combination of electro and progressive. When I go into a song, I don’t try to make the track fit into a mold. I just pick and grab sounds that I think go well with whatever I’m working on. I like melodic elements of progressive music but I also want the track to hit hard sometimes so I utilize electro elements in my stuff too. I made the transition from DJ to Producer in order to build up my recognition on a global level. Its not like people from Japan or Sweden or Canada will ever hear about Myndset if all I did was DJ clubs in LA. I have to give people music to download and therefore producing was the natural progression in order to build up a fan base around the world.

EDMinsider 3. Which DJs/artists currently influence your music? Who is your all time favorite DJ? Why?

Myndset: I have a liking to EDM artists such as Adam K, Nicky Romero, Nari & Milani, Alesso and Daft Punk of course. Its hard to pick an all time favorite because as music evolves so do my preference. I’d have to say A-Trak right now because he’s hip hop, EDM, turntablism all wrapped into one…kind of like myself but he’s better obviously.

EDMinsider 4. What is the significance behind the Myndset mask? Have you ever had any technical difficulties performing with the mask?

Myndset: No technical difficulties performing with the mask. I was very thoughtful in the construction phase in order to make sure it was build properly. The significance of the mask was simply to separate myself from a previous DJ persona I went by and start a new side project. I also wanted something that would capture peoples attention.

EDMinsider 5. Being from Los Angeles, how has the electronic music scene in California developed over the past few years? How does it differ from other parts of the couldWhat are your predictions on the progression of EDM scene in America?

Myndset: Los Angeles is one of the quickest growing electronic dance markets. I partially blame a lack in good hip hop music to people taking their musical tastes elsewhere, but thats just my opinion. Lets be clear, house music has been around for ages but the majority of the peeps here have picked up on it within the last few years. You’ll even hear hip hop radio stations playing house music once in awhile. Its a trip. A decade ago all the dance parties here in LA were underground. Now festivals like Coachella and EDC are drawing record breaking attendances. You’ll hear international DJ’s like Steve Angello and Laidback Luke who say LA is one of their favorite places to play now because the people come out in the masses and have really developed a taste for house music.


EDMinsider 6.You have remixed various songs such as Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, Gotye’s popular track Somebody That I Used to Know, and your latest bootleg of Dada Life vs Michael Woods with Kick out the Full Access Motherf**ker, to name a few. All songs laying in different genres, how do you decide which tracks are worthy of a Myndset remix?

Myndset: When I’m considering what to remix there are a few questions I ask myself. Irrespective of genre, does the original track have any steam behind it? I strategically pick tracks that I think already have recognition and by me remixing them could bring more attention to my name as oppose to remixing an obscure artist. Secondly I ask, is the track even remix-able? Do I have access to the acapella, stems, or can I manipulate the original in order to make space for all the instrumentation I need to add into it. The Gotye original was light all throughout so I just used a hi-pass filter to eliminate the low end and then I just added my parts to accentuate the structure and progression that it already had.

EDMinsider 7.Which has been the most memorable gig of your career to date? Why?

Myndset: My debut Myndset gig was at this venue called Music Box. It’s a huge venue where guys like Afrojack, Benny Benassi, and many other heavy weights spin at. The venue has this ridiculously huge LED wall behind the stage that is the size of a football field. It’s nuts! I’d love to go back and play there.


EDMinsider 8.This Sunday, February 12th, you will be playing at San Francisco hot spot Ruby Skye for a special event. What can West coast fans typically expect from Myndset show? How do you usually prepare for a live set?

Myndset: When you come to a Myndset show I guarantee every single song will keep you moving. I don’t play songs out until the very end and have the same track going on for 5+ minutes. I change tracks quickly and keep things fresh and fast paced. Expect me to be exceptional involved with the crowd and make sure they are engaged during my 90 minute set.


EDMinsider 9.What can fans expect from Myndset as the year progresses as far as new music, tours, or even an album release?

Myndset: I am currently working on an original song right now with a vocalist. That will be the next major project. After gauging its success or lack of I’ll make a decision from there whether to put out more originals or do more remixes. In terms of shows, everything is just one offs here and there. No tour set up yet but looking to reach out to cities like New York, Vancouver and Miami where a good number of fans in those areas have been asking me to play there.

Make sure to check out Myndset this Sunday, February 12th at Ruby Skye in San Francisco, CA.



 Listen to the latest To the Stars EP from Myndset featuring his popular remix of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know



1. Myndset Mixtape Intro / The Wanted – Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino Remix)

2. Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)

3. R3hab & Swanky Tunes – Sending My Love (Cazzette Remix)

4. Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Original Mix)

5. Alesso – Raise Your Head (Original Mix)

6. Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party – Antidote (Original Mix)

7. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement (Original Mix)

8. M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Unreleased Remix)

9. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – Lethal Industry (Original Mix)

10. Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix)

11. Leventina – Were Gonna Start (Original Mix)

12. Kick Out The Full Access Motherfucker – Dada Life vs. Michael Woods (Myndset Bootleg)

13. Sander Van Doorn – What Did I Do (Original Mix)

14. Nari & Milani – Atom (Live Mix)

15. Neon Hitch – F U Betta (Chuckie Club Remix)

16. Nicky Romero – Toulouse (Original Mix)

17. Diplo & Oliver Twist – GO (PeaceTreaty Remix)

18. Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Myndset Remix)

19. Joe Garston – The Promise (Original Mix)

20. Skrillex ft. Ellie Goulding – Summit (Aylen Remix)

21. Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)

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