Exclusive – EDM Snob Exposed?


[alert type=”yellow”]The actual article was not written by me. It is posted word for word exactly the way it was sent in the email. It may or may not be factual. It is up for debate. [/alert]

Well it seems as if the tables have turned. Today,  EDM Insider received an email from a confidential source detailing some interesting points regarding the somewhat controversial EDM Snob twitter account and blog. Read the full email/article below and comment with your thoughts.

If you’ve read the EDMSnob.com blog lately, you would probably assume the snob was just a passionate EDM fan, who could only see things his way.  But truth be told, he’s not just a fan after all.  He works in the EDM industry, in one of the most popular EDM nightclubs in the whole country.  We were in that nightclub not long ago for a friends birthday, and enjoyed a fun night of great music as always.  We were approached by a nightclub employee with some free vodka drinks and champagne to celebrate the night, sure thing! We mostly toasted to the night and had a fun time. That is until, this employee started questioning a friend of ours who also works in the music industry in Southern California.  And we mean REALLY questioning him with some very off topic questions…”Do you know who books talent for such and such company? Who runs this nightclub in LA? And this event in Orlando? Do you know what John Smith does for such and such company?”  He was hit up with almost 10 questions total and it all left us feeling very uncomfortable!

 This was a strange line of questioning and it was a bit obtrusive. It felt like someone that was digging for information and was WAY off topic from the rest of the conversations going on. Fast forward a month later when we ran across an old personal blog of his. EDMSnob was not his first blog by any means, and we found his personal blog page here http://biznation.wordpress.com/ which was chock full of the same verbiage the snob uses. If you compare the writing in attachment 1, it’s easy to see the EXACT same style of writing is being used.  

Then we looked at the Snobs twitter account, and we noticed some mentions of a local Miami resident dj named Mednas. And again, on Biz Martinez twitter account, ALSO mentions of Mednas, Okayyyyy.  How about one of our new favorites Nicky Romero? Yup, within a short time of each other, both Biz Martinez and the snob would engage with him as well.  They even let Nicky finish some work on a new track in their company office, which is what prompted us to make this information known to the public.  Was the EDM snob just a curious nightclub agent who was trying to get the upper hand in a devious way, or is this a deeper problem where artists personal information and contracts were being accessed by company employees.  Why wouldn’t Nicky finish his track or check emails from his hotel room, versus the office of a company who keep employed people who leak contracts, riders, and personal artist info?

Now this is where the snob tried to throw everyone off. He would post lies on twitter stating he was “Heading to Miami again for the weekend” And “Feels good to be back at LAX”  Newsflash Biz.. You already live here in Miami. You would also post pics from Club Liv when you were out of town, to try and throw off your scent. Pics from twitter or friends that were there when you weren’t since you were in Chicago at Lollapalooza.  It was fairly easy to read through your fake snob tweets and real ones as well. 

The snobs intentions of creating a better EDM world seemed good initially, but truth be told he was just a self serving drama starter. He tried exposing those who didn’t serve his own edm business intentions but protected those he works with even if it it meant being hypocritical in his writings. Many of his blogs contained so many contradictory statements about what is right and wrong in this industry, by the last blog we read most people were fed up and not amused anymore. One week it was bad that Live nation was getting involved in EDM more now, the next it was a decent idea because they are the clean cut corporate type and the snob must have run into someone who did a sloppy job at an event locally. Make up your mind Biz, you sound like a friggin idiot! He would also continuously call out Insomniac events and Pasquale, claiming they are doing a foul job…yet Biz Martinez has never even BEEN to a single Insomniac event in his life. Hypocrite.

Email EDM Snob sent to Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac Events

(click image for text version)

The Snob’s writings were that of an elitist perspective, but truth be told though, we as the fans want EDC to be just that…the EDC we have always known in LA and Las Vegas (and other locations) that bring fun rides, an awesome vibe, great music and good times! And we also want other massives to be just that, with amazing lineups and fans from all over the world raging together and enjoying good vibes and amazing times together.  We also encourage smaller upstarts to bring us their best and we will also check those events out too! If the new events are great, then we will return for more! If not we might pass on them.  But its not a matter of old guard versus new guard, and also doesn’t mean fans can’t love both. The snob simply used his job at Liv nightclub to leak riders and event announcements to throw fire where he chose would benefit him most. You have lost the trust of the EDM industry to serve yourself and have also put very important business people at your nightclub at risk as well.

Would Dave Grutman approve of you leaking contracts, riders and speaking derogatory about many different EDM industry types throughout the US? Highly doubt that as Dave is a stand up guy. But yet what puzzles us most, is that they all seem IN on the joke at Liv nightclub.  They retweet the snob, and engage with him, and the only real twitter pics the snob has posted up that were his own, were from Liv nightclub.  Certainly not the end of the world, and we really don’t care HOW you guys run your business, as its not our business, but will ANY artist or industry exec trust you guys moving forward if their contracts and personal info is at risk? I know I would never personally recommend a nightclub to friends if everything they talk about is subject to some nosy creep listening in and taking notes like some pervert.

In a 2010 interview, Biz Martinez referred to himself as anti-establishment.  http://www.sunpostweekly.com/2010/11/18/profile-biz-martinez/

As the snob recently, he went to task on people who have been working in the EDM industry and do not have college degrees.  We happen to know many people who actually DO have college degrees working in EDM but there’s a point he missed with that argument. There’s something that cannot be taught in a classroom that the snob and a few others will never have the ability to accomplish. That’s the ability to build long term, meaningful relationships.  There is no class that teaches social ettiquette or how some EDM business types have built long standing personal friendships with artists that can not be replaced no matter what is written on some hipsters blog.  Perhaps that is the joy he got out of hiding behind a vague persona online, he could finally be someone he truly wasn’t and for a few months finally felt like he fit in and was THE one in charge and didn’t have to answer to anyone.  The snob mentioned in a recent blog that he felt like Dorothy finally getting to see behind the curtain of EDM and not being impressed.  Well, looks like the curtain is now lifted on YOU…and honestly we are not impressed.

Tomorrow the Snob is going to be posting the names of any DJs who may have cheated on the DJMag Top 100 poll. Great! We certainly approve of that and any consequences that may come along with that. But we are left wondering, who died and made you EDM god Biz Martinez? Your going to release names of artists under your snob persona, then potentially promote those same artists under your personal accounts because that’s part of your job at Liv.  Who’s the real bad guy here? We don’t condone anyone cheating at anything in life, but you Biz, are NOT an authority on EDM. Stick with overpriced bottle service maybe. 

 We will keep loving our EDM world though, the music, nightclubs, and keep loving these awesome festivals as well.  But as for the Snob, we won’t buy into your TMZ/National Enquirer shock value tabloid trash articles that say that EDC is going out of business, or *shock*, some industry execs were seen backstage smoking cigs and hitting on girls. Biz, nobody really cares and we have seen the same if not worse at many clubs and we certainly don’t call you out on it? Your a pompous individual who’s now lost all credibility in the industry.   Do everyone a favor then, step away and let someone else do the job correctly that can be trusted and is not trying to make a name for himself off exaggerations, lies and weak gossip blogs.  Do you think Insomniac appreciates you saying their event EDC is reaching its final days because Donnie went his own way? You jumped to some HUGE conclusions on that one, and you were wrong.  You have dug your own grave on this one, and I can NOT imagine anyone in the industry trusting you again. And that’s not because you exposed industry “secrets” as you put it, because their truly are no secrets. There are a bunch of people working their asses off, trying to learn, grow, and achieve great things in this life for the fans, their family and their business.  They do NOT owe you anything. Not an interview, not their home address, not anything else for that matter. That is your OWN self entitlement that makes you feel everyone owes you some sort of explanation of their business plans and if they don’t fit for you, then you feel its wrong.  Life doesn’t work that way Biz Martinez.  

RIP EDM Tool.