EDM Topics: Get FestiFueled. Your Pre-Festival Health Guidelines

EDC 2012

Festival season is upon us and in addition to your summer bod aspirations, you’re going to need stamina and strength to survive. Are you ready? Probably not. Never fear, darlings, for I am here guide you in the way of the dragon. It takes dedication and discipline, the latter of which I have very little of and must reserve specifically for this purpose. While nothing makes me happier than a giant cheeseburger, but during the weeks leading up to a music festival, my body becomes a temple and is treated as such. Here are my guidelines for a festifueled body.

1. Coconut Water

When it comes to hydration, nothing beats coconut milk. While the “original sports drink” has trendiness on its side, the popularity is backed up by results. If you only take away one thing from this, buy a case of coconut water and make sure you’ve consumed it within the one week period before, during and after the festival. Your body will thank you. (Sidenote: It’s also the best hangover cure.)

2. Bikram Yoga

Nothing readies your body for harsh conditions and strain like diligently flowing from pose to pose for 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees. The first few classes are a torturous hell where you will want to throw up and die. You may also teeter on the brink of blacking out. However, once you break the mental barrier and your body adjusts to the heat, it can be one of the most rewarding physical, mental and spiritual routines you can practice. Still, Bikram isn’t for everyone so use your discretion. There’s always Vinyasa which doesn’t require intense temperatures as well as any other workout regimen you prefer.

3. Iron

When you’re low on iron, you’re low on energy. That is the opposite of what is good. Lean red meat may be a tried and true source of iron, but there are plenty of vegetarian options that fuel your body more efficiently. Try beans and leafy greens, particularly lentils and spinach or even shellfish like clams and oysters. You can even energize while satisfying your sweet tooth with cocoa powder and dark chocolate.

4. Emergen-C

Experts may disagree on the cost vs. benefits of overloading on vitamins, but whenever I’m feeling drained and sip on some of this fizzy concoction I immediately felt better. If you’re running low on fuel and it’s not hunger that has you down, try vitamins before resorting to caffeine.

5. Green Tea

If you absolutely need a caffeine fix, opt for green tea. The antioxidants will nurture your body and give you a slow sustainable buzz instead of an immediate jolt.

6. Nuts

From almonds and walnuts to pumpkin seeds, nuts are small, portable and bursting with the energy and nutrients. From the powerhouse that is the Omega 3 to muscle building protein, These are the perfect festival snack. Similarly, avocados are delicious and pack an equally healthy punch.

7. Milkshakes and Chocolate Milk

I literally lived off milkshakes at Electric Zoo 2011. There was no time to eat when all I wanted to do was dance. Solution: the ultimate recovery drink full of carbs, protein and fat. Also, it’s cold and delicious. Milkshakes are calorie dense, so while they’re not the best thing to consume during preparation, they will keep you going when fuel is running low. I tend to grab one in the late afternoon which keeps me going until the closing act. Similarly, chocolate milk will work just as well.

8. Prep Week

This is crunch time. While I normally try to stay relatively healthy, I’m not a stickler for diet plans. Except before a festival. Alcohol and refined sugar are your worst enemies. Stay far, far away. If you need something sweetened, try Truvia or agave. Limit coffee and saturated fats. Dairy and fatty cuts of meat are not recommended. As for carbs, oatmeal, pumpernickel or rye bread and other whole grains are the only things on the menu. Do indulge on lean meats, especially salmon and power foods like blueberries, mushrooms, kale and flaxseed.

9. Sleep

There’s no substitute for it and you probably won’t be doing much of it between festival days. Make sure to keep up with your 7-8 hours per night so that you can quickly recover from any deficit you may incur.

Looking for more info? Check out Huff Post, Livestrong and Eat This, Not That to stay up to date on the latest health and fitness news.

Article by: Alessandra Calderin