DJ Discovery: Getting to Know RolePlay at SRB Brooklyn


After interviewing Walker & Royce, I bumped into the delightful faces of the new and upcoming duo, RolePlay. Mike Palladino opened up the night at SRB Brooklyn. Him and his partner, Salvatore LoGrasso, both were thrilled to answer a few questions that I am happy to share with the rest of our EDM world.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How did it feel opening for great artists such as Lee Foss, Walker & Royce, and Mathew Jonson?

Mike Palladino: It was awesome; that was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s actually really hard to describe. I was up there and honestly just had a great time. Seeing people happy just made me happy. For me, I’ve never felt anything like that; it was amazing. It was an honor opening up for those DJs. I’m truly grateful for everyone a part of the Verboten family for seeing me as an individual and giving me this opportunity.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How did you both meet?

Sal LoGrasso: He (Mike Palladino) has friends that would go to the after hours parties thrown at Therapy in Rhode Island. They heard me playing and ended up booking me for another party at Cosmos in Brooklyn. I got there and had a hard time with the setup because the venue wasn’t properly equipped. Mike and I saw each other on the way out, started talking, and I realized he was a really bright kid who knew what he was talking about.

EDM Insider Jennifer: How did you come up with the name RolePlay?

Mike Palladino: It started out as a joke and then we actually grew to like it. It’s short, sexy, and catchy.

Sal LoGrasso: We all have roles to play.

EDM Insider Jennifer: What projects are RolePlay working on that the EDM world can look forward to in the near future?

Mike Palladino: We have four tracks done to be released soon including, “Sex, Love, and Molly,” “Break You Off,” “Break You Off (Don’t You Worry Dub)”, and “Bigger Than The Sound.”

EDM Insider Jennifer: How is it working with one another as a team?

Mike Palladino: It’s great. We mess around a lot but we stay focused and have a good time in the process. It’s a lot of fun working with Sal.

Sal LoGrasso: There is an understanding between us both. When we first met, I tried to mentor him and be a positive role model. I wanted him to get on the right track and it didn’t take him long to do so!

Mike Palladino: This is what we love and Sal has been nothing but a good friend and mentor. I became a better DJ because of him. He’s very experienced and good at what he does; I respect him a lot.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Which artists does RolePlay hope to produce with in the future?

Mike Palladino: I hope to work with Amine Edge and DANCE. Amine Edge is one of those guys that has an amazing mind for music. He and his partner DANCE, are just phenomenal. Amine Edge is an idol of mine, he is on a level, musically, that is brilliant. He knows everything there is to know about music.

Sal LoGrasso: He works harder than any other producer I know. Personally, he is a great guy also and a really good friend of ours. Walker & Royce are also two great people we would love to get together with. We have become really good friends with them too.

EDM Insider Jennifer: Are there any specific clubs or cities you would prefer to play in?

Mike Palladino: We want to play everywhere! WMC and the Hideout Music Festival!

Sal LoGrasso: BPM! The Detroit Music Festival (DEMF). I just want to surround myself with good people that work hard, because we really do have great talent around us and I want us all to make it as a team.

EDM Insider Jennifer: What is it you love about house music?

Sal LoGrasso: House music is a lifestyle and I love this lifestyle. The music has so much depth to it and when I see all these artists playing and making no money it really just shows they are doing it for the love of this genre of music; that tells you the tracks are quality.

Mike Palladino: It’s the most universal type of music in the world. I would rather be broke but making people happy through music, than waking up everyday to doing something I hate.

EDM Insider Jennifer: While you were spinning, how did it feel to get so much love from the crowd? How did you feel seeing everyone dancing to the music you played?

Mike Palladino: Just seeing people that I haven’t seen in months, all to come out and support me was absolutely overwhelming. There were people who don’t even listen to this style of music who came, complimenting me when it was over. I’m an emotional DJ. When I see people happy, I’m happy.

Sal LoGrasso: That’s what makes someone a better DJ, appreciating the crowd before them.


Jennifer Rammairone and RolePlay