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Published on January 29th, 2013 | by Amanda Stamelos


Changing the Game: Is Big Gigantic onto Something? Madison, WI 2/7/13

Big Gigantic is hosting a contest to crowd-source his opening act for his upcoming show in Madison, WI on February 7th. He’s opened up the floor for local DJs to submit their best work, and for fans to vote on who they think should win. Big G isn’t the first to participate in the crowd-sourcing movement. Pretty Lights used it to promote local talent and to give fans more direct input on who they want at their show. Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights are allowing fans to help shape their concert experience. They are also giving back to the EDM community by promoting local talent. A local Madison DJ commented on Pretty Light’s contest, “I support this site and what you’re doing thoroughly! Much respect for giving little guys like us a shot.WomStreet—a competitive social media hub—is changing the way artists engage with their fans by providing the platform for these contests. The great thing is that anybody can submit their own ideas for contests as well. Want to have a say on who opens for Big Gigantic?

Womp your vote at http://womstreet.com/BigGigantic. While you’re there, explore and cast your vote for any of the other contests also going on at the moment. So interact. It’s your choice and your results.

 Big Gigantic Winter Tour



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